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Hi, my name is Sarah Esther Perlin, so my friend's call me sperly. Yes, if you follow me, we are friends! I am a junior at Emory University. I am a pre-med, with hopes of someday saving children's lives and runny noses (pediatrics are fun). Despite my pre-meddy-ness, I am a sociology major, possible ethics minor. I believe in social justice, so that is what I study in school (learning about what you actually like yikes). My main things that you are going to see are feminism and poverty awareness (because I am a little bit poor. But also because poverty sucks). I touch on racism, body positivity/eating disorder stuff/fat activism, depression, lgbtqia rights, mental illness, and other assorted things. Many of these effect my actual life. Some of them don't. Don't assume which is which. I democrat hardcore. I love community service. feel free to reblog or ask me anything.





So for the last four months or so, I have taken part in the body positivity movement on Instagram, including posting photos of myself in my bikini and underwear/bra. Keep in mind that none of my photos have ever been sexually explicit or suggestive and that I have always been fully covered. As far as nudity goes, I show no more skin than a thin woman in a bikini. Below is a photo I uploaded last night, with the caption “I love my belly. ♥”


At approximately 2:05 am, I received an email from Instagram stating that a photo had been removed from my account for “violating the community guidelines.” I went to my page to find the above photo missing from my account. Angry and determined to make a point, I went to the tags on Instagram to find photos of women dressed in as much clothes as I was. I found entire pages dedicated to sharing women in sexually explicit and suggestive poses in half the clothes I am wearing in the above photo. I also found men, completely naked with the photo cropped to just miss their dick being in the photo. I reported these photos for nearly half an hour.

At exactly 3:58 am, I was logged off of my Instagram account while using it and then told that my account had been disabled for violating the community guidelines. My entire account containing over 560 followers and over 500 personal photos and memories of my self love journey were removed without warning.

I went to sleep crying, disgusted and angry that Instagram would do this. When I woke up, I found that every pornographic image I had reported was not only still there, but so was the pages offering to send people nudes in direct messages. That is the moment that I became enraged and determined to fight this.

This is not the first time that Instagram has practiced size discrimination. Meghan Tonjes went through a very similar situation and her story went viral. I am asking you to make this go viral as well, because THIS is not okay. By removing my photos and the photos of women of size and not the others, Instagram is effectively telling women that our fat bodies are more offensive to the eyes of children and their viewers than thin women half naked and blatant pornography. They are silencing us and telling us that our bodies are to be censored while the rest of the world can practice “cocks in socks” and post Victoria’s Secret Models.

I will not be silenced. After years of struggling with my body through depression, anxiety and self harm, I WILL NOT let a website tell me that my body is censor worthy simply because it is a fat body with cellulite and rolls. END SIZE DISCRIMINATION ON INSTAGRAM.

EDIT: Relating to this:http://www.nbc4i.com/story/26013781/chillicothe-teen-alleges-size-discrimination-after-instagram-account-removed?autoStart=true&topVideoCatNo=default&clipId=10364251

Reinstated!  You go, girl!

You know you’re a nanny when you have the entire daily program order of PBS Kids memorized



Things that lower abortion rates:

  • Better access to condoms
  • Accessible birth control 
  • Accessible Plan - B pills
  • Comprehensive sex education

Things that do not lower abortion rates:

  • Abstinence-Only sex education
  • Banning contraceptives
  • Shaming people who have sex or get abortions
  • Making abortion illegal

Friendly daily reminder that the entire pro-life movement is basically pointless and counterproductive

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Me: Joins tumblr for fun

Me: starts to critically analyze almost every aspect of modern society 

I can’t accept that. I can’t accept that there was only one black woman in the entire film, who delivered one line and who we never saw again. I can’t accept that the bad guys were Asian and that although in China, Lucy’s roommate says, “I mean, who speaks Chinese? I don’t speak Chinese!” I can’t accept that in Hercules, which I also saw this weekend, there were no people of color except for Dwayne Johnson himself and his mixed-race wife, whose skin was almost alabaster. I can’t accept that she got maybe two lines and was then murdered. I can’t accept that the “primitive tribe” in Hercules consisted of dark-haired men painted heavily, blackish green, to give their skin (head-to-toe) a darker appearance, so the audience could easily differentiate between good and bad guys by the white vs. dark skin. I can’t accept that during the previews, Exodus: Gods and Kings, a story about Moses leading the Israelite slaves out of Egypt, where not a single person of color is represented, casts Sigourney Weaver and Joel Edgerton to play Egyptians. I can’t accept that in the preview for Kingsman: The Secret Service, which takes place in London, features a cast of white boys and not a single person of Indian descent, which make up the largest non-white ethnic group in London. I can’t accept that in stories about the end of the world and the apocalypse, that somehow only white people survive. I can’t accept that while my daily life is filled with black and brown women, they are completely absent, erased, when I look at a TV or movie screen.


The results are in: Women voters are angry about the Supreme Court’s decision allowing bosses with so-called “religious objections” to deny coverage of birth control to their employees — and it will be a big factor in how they vote in the 2014 election. 

In other words: duh.

Read the full poll results here and find out where politicians stand.

Here’s a general rule. When an insult is directed at a woman, consider how it would have sounded directed at a man. If the result is ridiculous, then it’s probably sexist.



Roseanne, Nightmare on Oak Street.

This episode aired in 1989 and it still hasn’t gotten through a lot of people’s skulls.

May I one day be this good a mom.

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